Paper Cup Counting Whale

This fun paper cup craft activity is sure to keep the little ones entertained for days! Teach young children to count from 1 to 5 with this fun whale-themed counting cup.

Paper Cup Counting Whale

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

25 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using the template draw and cut out a large rectangle towards the top of the cup and a small rectangle below, from an orange cup. (The large rectangle is approximately 1.5cm from the top of the cup).
  2. Using the template cut out the whale shape from white paper, the top half of the whale from blue paper and the water splashes from light blue paper.
  3. Stick the blue part of the whale onto the white whale cut out.
  4. Draw fine lines along the whales belly.
  5. Stick a wiggle eye onto the whale’s face.
  6. Stick the whale onto the cup, slightly overlapping the large rectangle cut-out. Then stick the water splashes above the whale’s head.
  7. Place a blue cup inside the orange cup.
  8. In the large rectangle, sketch one small fish onto the blue cup with a pencil and then sketch the number 1 in the small rectangle underneath. (Having the blue cup inside the orange cup, while doing this step will help you to position your fishes and numbers).
  9. Turn the blue cup until you can’t see your first fish sketch.
  10. Sketch 2 fishes in the larger rectangle and the number 2 in the small rectangle underneath. Repeat these steps by turning the cup and drawing the fishes up to number 5.
  11. Once you have sketched your fishes and numbers, take out the blue cup from the orange cup and colour the fish in with porcelain pens (you may need to apply a few layers of the porcelain pen as the cups may soak up the first coat). Use a white and black deco pen for the eyes.
  12. Use a small black felt pen or fine liner to outline the fish and to write the numbers.
  13. Make sure the porcelain pens are dry before placing the blue cup back inside the orange cup otherwise your designs will smudge.
  14. Spin the blue cup and practice counting!
Paper Cup Counting Whale Paper Cup Counting Whale Paper Cup Counting Whale

Top Tip

When sketching your fishes and numbers place the blue cup inside the orange cup, this will help you to space your fish designs correctly.