Tartan Weaving

Craft your own simple woven Tartan patterns! Tartan, a fabric characterised by intersecting horizontal and vertical bands in assorted colours forming rectangular designs, can be easily recreated.

Tartan Weaving

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, fold a piece of red A4 card in half and cut along the fold to make the card A5.
  2. Cut along the 2 short edges with zig zag or wiggle pattern scissors.
  3. Stick the card to cardboard.
  4. Stick one end of the yellow ribbon to the back and wrap it around leaving even space between.
  5. Begin weaving green ribbon under and over the yellow ribbon. Leave space between so you can see the red underneath.
  6. Lastly, wrap thin blue ribbon around the weave to create a tartan effect.
Tartan Weaving Tartan Weaving Tartan Weaving

Top Tip

You can try this technique with wool, paper, and other materials.