Story Writing Fortune Teller

Use this fun and easy to make fortune teller to write strange and hilarious stories! Get young creative minds moving by letting their imaginations run wild with these eight simple storytelling ideas.

Story Writing Fortune Teller

Skill Level


Time to Make

40 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. On A3 yellow card, or colour of your choioce, draw a square that is 27cm on each side. Carefully cut out the square.
  2. Take one of the corners and fold it over diagonally. Unfold the card and take the other unfolded corner and fold that one over diagonally as well. Unfold the card so that an x shape can be seen on the paper.
  3. Fold the bottom right corner of the card to the centre point of the fold mark. Repeat this so that all of the corners are folded at the centre and a smaller square has been made.
  4. Flip the card over so that the loose card flaps are at the bottom. Fold each corner to the centre again, making another smaller square. On each of the flaps write the numbers 1-8 using the deco pens. Wait for the pen ink to dry.
  5. To add the fortunes lift up the flaps and write one of these 8 fortunes on the blank space under each number:
    • • Time travelling Dinosaurs
      • A cat on a space ship
      • A planet made of ice cream
      • A mermaid in a talent contest
      • Pirates who find hidden treasure
      • A group of friends on holiday
      • A boy who can do magic
      • A girl who drives a race-car
  6. Flip the paper over and on of the blank flaps write one of the words from the phrase “Write A Story About…”. Make sure the word ‘Write’ is on the bottom left flap; ‘A’ is on the bottom right flap; ‘About’ is on the top left flap and ‘Story’ is on the top right. This way they are the right way up when the fortune teller is unfolded.
  7. Fold the entire fortune teller in half so that the numbers are on the inside of the paper. Slip fingers inside the flaps on the outside and pinch them to form the final shape of the fortune teller.
Story Writing Fortune Teller Story Writing Fortune Teller Story Writing Fortune Teller

Top Tip

Use this craft in the classroom to inspire children to form and create complex sentences and bring their imaginations to life. Can also be used to test spelling and handwriting skills in a fun and exciting way.