Squeegee Painting Butterfly

A fun and colourful sunny day craft to enjoy with the kids, this amazing squeegee painting technique is perfect for creating vibrant butterfly decorations in no time. Gift your gorgeous butterflies to family, friends, or hang them proudly from the wall.

Squeegee Painting Butterfly

Skill Level


Time to Make

20 mins + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, using the template draw and cut out the butterfly from the watercolour paper.
  2. Then, squirt dots of pastel acrylic paint over the butterfly.
  3. Scrape the paint off with a squeegee to reveal your abstract design.
  4. Wait for the paint to dry.
  5. Stick two wiggle eyes and draw a mouth onto the butterfly.
  6. Lastly, cut a pipe cleaner in half.
  7. For the antennas, fold the pipe cleaner in half and roll both ends of the pipe cleaner.
  8. Lastly, stick the antennas to the back of the butterfly.
Squeegee Painting Butterfly Squeegee Painting Butterfly Squeegee Painting Butterfly

Top Tip

Use a different colour for the centre of the butterfly to create the butterfly’s body.



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