Snow Globe Card

Create this pretty handmade Christmas card for someone special, using glitter card and sparkly gems.

Snow Globe Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours plus paint drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Draw your globe and design on white paper. Trace it onto tracing paper.
  2. Take a sheet of A4 White card and cut it in half with a craft knife. Using one half, fold it in half (landscape).
  3. Trace the globe onto the folded card. The top of the globe must go right up onto the fold.
  4. Draw 2 vertical lines, 2cm either side of the centre point of the globe, down from the folded edge to the top of the globe.
  5. Using a craft knife carefully cut the globe shape. Start from the vertical lines and cut around the globe, if easier cut one layer of card at a time.
  6. Trace the base of the globe onto silver glitter card. Cut it out with a craft knife and stick in position on folded card using the glue stick.
  7. Take the A4 white glitter sheet and cut it in half. Using the blue metallic paint, create a colour-wash ombre effect over the whole piece. Start at the top of the card with just blue paint, then water down the further you go down the piece of card.
  8. Trace the globe onto the colour washed card and cut out using a craft knife. Stick into position on a folded card using the glue stick.
  9. Trace the design onto the globe. Go over it using a black outline pen and if you want to create shadows or colour in areas use felts.
  10. Transfer the deer and front tree trunk onto colour washed glitter card. Cut out these intricate shapes using a craft knife. Cut pieces of mounting tape to stick on the back of both, remove the backing and stick each on top of their relevant shape in the globe.
  11. To create the globe border, trace the globe dome shape onto white glitter card. That is your outer line. Draw a 0.6cm border on the inner of the line. Cut out using a craft knife.
  12. Cut out the mounting tape in pieces to fit all around the globe border. Peel the backing off and carefully position on top of the globe and stick it down.
  13. On the other half of the A4 white card, draw your sentiment (message). Use felts/outline pen. Draw a light pencil border all around and using a craft knife cut it out.
  14. Add mounting tape pieces onto the back, peel off the backing and stick onto card.
  15. To finish off, stick gems onto the centre of the snowflakes on the topper.
Snow Globe Card Snow Globe Card Snow Globe Card

Top Tip

Cutting through 2 layers of card can be tricky, especially with tricky shapes. To make it easier cut the globe of the top card first. Fold the card at the fold line, trace around the globe onto the bottom card and then cut it out.