Pop Stick Mermaids

Make these fin’tastic pop stick mermaids with sparkle, using glitter heart stickers and craft sticks!

Pop Stick Mermaids

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Draw around a craft stick on skin tone to make two stick shapes and cut them out. Cut one of them in half and glue it to the craft stick to cover the top half.
  2. Colour the bottom half of the stick with a blue pen.
  3. Draw a face shape about 2.5cms tall and glue it to the top 1cm of the craft stick. Then, cut the other long craft stick shape in half, and make both halves a little shorter at the straight edge to make the mermaid’s arms. Glue to the back of the stick just below the head.
  4. To make the clam shell bra, cut a small heart in half, peel the backing off and stick one on top of the other, bumps facing out, straight edges down.
  5. To make the tail, first stick on a medium heart shape at the mermaid’s waist. The, cut another medium heart of the same colour in half, switch the sides over and stick them on to make the bottom of the tail. Then add a small heart between these two sections to join them.
  6. For the mermaid’s hair, use a large heart and draw wavy lines on the backing paper and an inwards bump at the heart’s point. Then, cut out and stick to the back of the craft stick behind the head. Cut a small heart in half and stick to the top of the forehead to make the mermaid’s fringe.
  7. Draw a crown shape on the backing paper of a small heart, cut it out and stick it above the fringe.
  8. Add decorations and the mermaid’s face with coloured pens and wiggle eyes if desired.
Pop Stick Mermaids Pop Stick Mermaids Pop Stick Mermaids

Top Tip

Keep the backing from the foam heart stickers and put it back onto any exposed sticky areas.

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