Cracked Egg Easter Chick

Let’s get creative for Easter! Save your eggshells to make this fun, super cute Easter chick craft.

Cracked Egg Easter Chick

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

25 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, remove the membrane from the eggshells.
  2. Paint the eggshells various pastel colours and allow to dry.
  3. Use the template to draw and cut out the body from cardboard and yellow card, rosy cheeks from pink card, the beak from orange card, the eggshell from white card and 5 squares from cardboard.
  4. Using double sided tape, stick the yellow card and cardboard body together.
  5. Then stick the 5 squares to the lower half of the body using double-sided tape.
  6. Next, apply super tacky glue to the white card eggshell shape.
  7. Break up the painted eggshells into smaller pieces and stick them to the card eggshell shape.
  8. When the glue is dry, stick the eggshell shape to the cardboard squares using double-sided tape.
  9. Fold the beak in half to create a 3D effect and stick to the chick’s face.
  10. Stick the rosy cheeks and wiggle eyes to complete the face.
  11. For the hair, cut an orange and yellow pipe cleaner in half and wind the pipe cleaners around a pencil to create a spiral shape.
  12. Stick the spiralled pipe cleaners to the back of the chick to create the hair.
Cracked Egg Easter Chick Cracked Egg Easter Chick Cracked Egg Easter Chick

Top Tip

You can add a loop from wool or ribbon to create a hanging decoration.



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