Moody Monsters

Get making these polymer clay space monsters in all shapes and sizes for hours of galactic fun!

Moody Monsters

Skill Level

Medium - Hard

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Work on a mat or a surface that can be cleaned like a kitchen counter or messy mat.
  2. Take a block of clay and mould it into a body shape, this can be round, square or sausage shaped. Just be sure that it stands up on its own so give it a flat bottom.
  3. Next take another colour clay and mould any limbs that you would like or eye stalks etc, attach these to the body by squishing the join.
  4. Next choose a colour to create a mouth and maybe a tongue or teeth.
  5. Use a pencil to make the pupils in the eyes.
  6. Place your finished creations onto a baking tray and bake according to the instructions on the packet. Ask an adult to help you with this step.
  7. Once fully cooled you can enjoy your Moody Monster creations.
  8. Keep all remaining clay in an airtight container ready for your next craft project.
Moody Monsters Moody Monsters Moody Monsters

Top Tip

The clay is much easier to use warm so squash it in your hands a little before attempting to mould it.

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