Ladybird Counting

Enjoy learning to count with this educational ladybird counting game! This craft is great for inspiring children to develop their numeracy skills whilst having fun playing.

Ladybird Counting

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Using the template, cut out the body from red felt, the head, smaller circles, big circles, and black strip from black felt and the numbers from white felt.
  2. Stick the head and black strip to the body using super tacky glue.
  3. Stick one spot on the left side of the body (increase the number of spots for each ladybird).
  4. Stick the wiggle eyes to the head.
  5. For the antennas, cut a black antenna in half and wrap both halves around a pencil to create 2 spiral shapes.
  6. Stick the antennas to the back of the ladybird’s head.
  7. For the numbers, stick the white numbers onto the larger black circles.
  8. Stick one side of the Hook & Loop Self-Adhesive Craft Dots to the right side of the ladybird and the other half of the Velcro to the back of the number.
  9. Repeat for each ladybird, you can create 5 or 10 ladybirds.
  10. Play by matching up the numbers with the number of spots on the ladybird.
Ladybird Counting Ladybird Counting Ladybird Counting

Top Tip

You can use small black pom poms as an alternative to cutting out the black circles for spots.



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