Halloween Selfie Frame

Frame those spooky faces for fun Halloween photographs with this easy to make selfie frame!

Halloween Selfie Frame

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes plus drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Make a square with the coloured craft sticks (we used purple). Each side of the square will be 3 sticks long.
  2. Using Super Tacky Glue, stick on another layer of craft sticks on top of the first sticks, overlapping the other sticks to hold them all together.
  3. When the sticks have been joined, add a stick diagonally in each corner. This will give the structure added strength.
  4. Allow the frame to dry completely.
  5. When dry, turn the frame over and stick on your pom poms using Super Tacky Glue, following the pattern green, orange, purple, green, orange, purple, and so on.
  6. Cut 2 pieces of purple card from the long side of your A4 card, both measuring 5cms wide.
  7. Cut a piece of black card 26cms long and 3.5cms wide.
  8. Cut a piece of black card 24cms long and 3.5cms wide.
  9. Stick the black card pieces to the purple card pieces using Super Tacky Glue. Try to stick them centrally so that the purple card frames evenly around the edges.
  10. Find your green and orange glitter letters. Peel and stick the word HALLOWEEN to the longer piece of black card, and the word HAPPY to the shorter piece.
  11. Stick your ‘HAPPY’ to the top of the frame by using glue on the diagonal craft sticks.
  12. Stick your ‘HALLOWEEN’ to the bottom of the frame.
  13. Allow to dry thoroughly before use.
Halloween Selfie Frame Halloween Selfie Frame Halloween Selfie Frame

Top Tip

Use this frame with our Halloween Selfie Props to create a fun pho-to session with your friends and family. A great activity for a party!

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