Felt Fortune Cookies

Pass on some positive messages inside some cute felt fortune cookies!

Felt Fortune Cookies

Skill Level


Time to Make

10-20 minutes per cookie

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Draw circles on your chosen felt sheets (ours are approx. 9cm) cut out neatly and set aside.
  2. Cut strips of card in your chosen colours approx. 8cm x 1cm and write your positive quotes or messages on them. Curl the ends of the card by wrapping around a paintbrush.
  3. Turn your glue gun on to allow time to heat up.
  4. Place your message in the centre of your felt circle, Fold both edges of your felt circle over your message overlapping them slightly and then fold in half with the overlaps facing outwards.
  5. Hold the folded ends together to match up the ends and then use a small amount of glue to keep them in place.
  6. Repeat all steps remembering to mix the opposite colours of card to the felt for a colourful effect!
Felt Fortune Cookies Felt Fortune Cookies Felt Fortune Cookies

Top Tip

For the same size felt circles as pictured, simply draw around a Sellotape/masking tape reel.