Coping Strategies Pizza Wheel

This pizza themed wheel is an interactive coping strategies project. your child can rotate the wheel and try the activities to calm and to regulate their emotions.

Coping Strategies Pizza Wheel

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Print out the templates onto white card and cut them out.
  2. Colour in the symbols
  3. Take a yellow plate and put a dot in the centre.
  4. Now cut out a slice wide enough to fit one of the coping strategy circles into. (ensure this doesn’t go into the centre as you need to be able to put a split pin into the middle)
  5. Mix some brown paint with a little water and use a sponge to paint the pizza crust.
  6. Then decorate your pizza with the toppings.
  7. Next take a red plate and put under the yellow plate, press a split pin through the centre of both.
  8. Stick on your coping strategy circles by spinning the gap so that you can only see one at once.
Coping Strategies Pizza Wheel Coping Strategies Pizza Wheel Coping Strategies Pizza Wheel

Top Tip

To find the middle of the plate take another plate and fold it in half and then half again. where the lines cross is the middle.



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