Cardboard Tube Christmas Advent Calendar

Get creative for the festive season and make your own customisable advent calendar! This craft would also be a great classroom activity, you can have each child decorate a cardboard tube to display on the advent calendar.

Cardboard Tube Christmas Advent Calendar

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, hole punch a whole either side of the top of the cardboard and thread jute twine through the holes so the advent calendar can be hung. Then stick and wrap your cardboard in hessian roll then let the glue dry.
  2. Flatten the cardboard tube then fold both sides of either end of the cardboard tube inwards, creating a ‘pocket’.
  3. Paint the cardboard tubes red, white, and green.
  4. For the snowman use the template to cut out the features from card and use a hole punch to create the circles for the mouth.
  5. Stick and assemble the snowman and stick two wiggle eyes on. Repeat for the other designs.
  6. For the glitter candy cane design, cut strips of double-sided tape of different thicknesses. Stick the double-sided tape onto the cardboard tube, alternating the thickness of the tape. Lastly, pour red glitter on top, the glitter will stick to the double-sided tape.
  7. Stick glitter foam numbers on each cardboard tube.
  8. Once all 24 of the cardboard tubes are decorated stick them to the board, using 2 hook & loop self-adhesive craft dots for each cardboard tube. Using the hook and loop craft dots allows you to rearrange the advent calendar each year.
  9. Fill each cardboard tube with a treat, then hang on the wall.
Cardboard Tube Christmas Advent Calendar Cardboard Tube Christmas Advent Calendar Cardboard Tube Christmas Advent Calendar

Top Tip

You can layout all 24 cardboard tubes on the cardboard to make sure you cut the cardboard to the correct side.