Beaded Bunny Bag Dangler

How cool is this Beaded Bunny Bag Dangler!? All you need are beads, elastic, and a metal split ring, then you’re ready to craft!

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 mins

Adult Supervision


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Beaded Bunny Bag Dangler
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Top Tip

If your elastic isn’t long enough you can always tie more elastic on.

How to Make

Step 1

Beaded Bunny Bag Dangler

Step 2

Beaded Bunny Bag Dangler

Step 3

Beaded Bunny Bag Dangler

  1. Firstly, cut a 90cm length of white elastic.
  2. Starting from the middle of the elastic, thread both ends through a yellow bead.
  3. Then thread both ends of the elastic through 2 yellow beads.
  4. Thread both ends through 3 beads in the sequence of; 1 yellow bead, 1 pink bead and 1 yellow bead.
  5. Repeat the steps to complete 1 ear.
  6. To start the face of the bunny, thread another 5 yellow beads onto the right end of the elastic, this will create 8 yellow beads on one row.
  7. Then thread 8 beads onto the other end of the elastic to begin the next row.
  8. Thread the end of the elastic from the previous row of 8 beads through the opposite end of the next row of 8 beads.
  9. Then continue to thread both ends through 10 beads in the sequence of: 3 yellow beads, 1 black bead, 2 yellow beads, 1 black bead and 3 yellow beads.
  10. Continue to thread both ends of the elastic through the beads to complete the bunny’s face.
  11. Tie a knot at each end of the elastic to secure the beads and trim the excess.
  12. For the other ear, cut a 40cm length of white elastic and thread it through the last 3 beads on the first row of 8 yellow beads.
  13. Then continue the same pattern by threading both ends of elastic through the beads. Halfway through completing the second ear, loop the elastic through the elastic on the other ear. This means the ear will only flop down halfway.
  14. When you get to the end of the ear, tie a knot to secure the beads and trim the excess.
  15. You will notice that the beads that make up the bunny’s face separate. To prevent this, cut a 30cm length of elastic and weave both ends of the elastic through the beads in the centre of the bunny’s face.
  16. Tie the ends of the elastic and trim off the excess.
  17. Lastly, loop a split metal ring on the elastic at the top of the bunny’s ear.