Egg Carton Poppy Wreath

Hang this recycled egg carton poppy wreath on your door or in your home to honour and remember those who sacrificed their lives for our country. The Poppy symbolises their sacrifices and this easy-to-make wreath is a meaningful way to show gratitude and respect on Remembrance Day.

Egg Carton Poppy Wreath

Skill Level

Easy. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

20 Minutes (plus drying time)

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Firstly, paint the wreath black.
  2. Then, for the poppies cut the egg cup parts of the egg carton.
  3. Using the template cut out the leaves from the flat part of the egg carton lid.
  4. Paint the egg cup poppies red and the leaves green with acrylic paint.
  5. When dry stick the red egg box poppies to the wreath.
  6. Then stick black pom poms to the centre of the poppies.
  7. Glue the poppy leaves around the edge of the wreath between the poppies.
  8. Lastly, cut a length of red ribbon, then loop and tie it through the hole in the wreath.
Egg Carton Poppy Wreath Egg Carton Poppy Wreath Egg Carton Poppy Wreath

Top Tip

You can make the poppies and leaves glittery using clear pva glue and glitter shakers.