Jellyfish Breathing Buddy

Quick and easy to make, this delightful Jellyfish Breathing Buddy is a great way to practice mindful breathing patterns.

Jellyfish Breathing Buddy

Skill Level

Easy. Adult Supervision Needed

Time to Make

10 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Print out the template onto white card, paint it pink and leave to dry.
  2. While the paint is drying cut out the blue and pink tissue paper into 10cm strips that are around 2 cm wide.
  3. Once the paint is dry cut out the template. Ask an adult to help you if you need it.
  4. Turn the template over to the non-painted side and place a thin line of PVA glue along the longest edge.
  5. Stick the strips of tissue paper along the bottom of the template where you have placed the glue.
  6. Once the glue is dry turn the template back over and stick a strip of double-sided tape onto the area marked “stick here.”
  7. Curl the template round till the ends meets and stick together using the strip of tape you have already placed.
  8. Add the wiggle eyes, draw a smile and the gems.
  9. Place the top of the jelly fish over your mouth. Breathe in through your nose to the count of 5. Then breathe out through your mouth to the count of 5. Try to keep your breath steady and see if you can make the Jellyfish tentacles wiggle for the whole 5 seconds as you exhale.
Jellyfish Breathing Buddy Jellyfish Breathing Buddy Jellyfish Breathing Buddy

Top Tip

Try this Jellyfish with other breathing patterns. With older children try and hold your breath for 5 seconds before exhaling.