Setting up a fundraising event is so rewarding, from seeing your hard work fall into place to putting the profits to good use afterwards, you’re sure to get that warm, fuzzy feeling! Read on for some helpful tips to make sure you have fun while you’re fundraising.

What’s the Plan?
There are so many ways you can raise money, from a good old British summer fete to a quiz night. The first thing to do is to allocate different jobs. Get together a small efficient team as a committee, making sure each person has a specific task. Dates and times should also be top of your priorities in order to decide what will work best for your group. You cannot book a venue before these details are confirmed. Most importantly, be sure to give yourself enough time to get everything done.
Location, Location, Location
As everyone knows, location is very important so you need to make sure you choose the right venue for your event. A quiz night or bazaar would be perfect held in a school hall, or you could have a summer fete in the garden of your local community centre or school playground. The venue is the first thing that should be organised as you will need to put the address on any posters, invitations or emails you send out. If you are organizing a large fundraising event, it might be a good idea to check with your local council that there are no other events that clash with your chosen date.
It Pays to Advertise
Getting people to your event is just as important as organising a fun day. Do a mail-out to parents or supporters, as this could get some extra help as well as creating an initial buzz around the community. Put up posters around your neighbourhood and place an advert in the local newspaper two weeks before the event. If there’s anything newsworthy like a celebrity or mayor coming, make sure the newspaper knows about it.

Get children to create colourful, eye-catching advertising posters and programmes for your event - in the classroom or at home - and make it into a competition. Individually handcrafted programmes are much more appealing than the standard printed variety. Remember to tip off the local press by sending a poster and programme about your kids craft event to get free advertising, this will encourage the public to attend.
Weather Washout
If you’re planning an outside event, try to make an alternative indoor venue available just in case of rain. If that’s not possible you should get in contact with an insurance broker that specialises in fundraising insurance to see if they can offer a one day policy.
That’s Entertainment
Once you’ve got people at your event, you want them to stay… and spend! Now it's time to think about all the fun activities to include. Face paints are always a hit with children of all ages and we stock a great selection which really help to keep little ones entertained. For summer fetes, traditional activities like our Coconut Shie and Duck Pond game are sure to go down well. Combine with things like our Spin-a-Prize and Lucky Dip to ensure you have sideshows that everyone will enjoy.

If there’s one thing that everyone looks forward to at a fundraising event it’s the tombola. Baker Ross has a great collection of tombola packs to choose from that contain everything you’ll need to make your event go with a bang. Our tombola packs are also set up to help you raise maximum profit, plus there’s no risk with our tombolas due to our great sale or return policy. For bigger events, a bouncy castle or beer tent could be considered.

People running stalls should get a party type of atmosphere going, encouraging people to have a go. As the organizer, you should try to inspire them to put the fun in fundraising.
Lucky Day
It’s a well-known fact that where there are games, there are prizes to be had! So make sure you have a ready supply available for all the prospective winners. Packs of temporary tattoos, toy selections and tubs of lollies are ideal for giving out as well as consolation prizes to keep the little ones happy.
Last Minute Meeting
Get everyone involved together the night before the big day. Make sure they know exactly what to do. Talk about the layout. You may want to put the crowd pleasers at the entrance to attract passersby and get people on the way out, and keep stalls together so they go from one to the next. Perhaps get a volunteer to DJ. Remember to check all details including your equipment.
The Main Event
Helpers and volunteers should arrive early to set up stalls and decorate them properly. Display can make all the difference between a successful stall and an empty one. Simple things like our colourful bunting and balloons at the entrance will advertise the event and attract passersby. Volunteers should have enough pins, paper, pens and sticky tape. Organise a cash float for each stall, and enough rubbish bags for the end of the day. If there are any goods left over reduce prices or keep them for another event.
Well Done!
When it’s all over, hold a party to say thanks to your volunteers; a cheese and wine evening is always nice. Thanking people is a good thing to do and makes them want to help next time too.

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