How to organise a successful summer Fete
With the holidays around the corner and the days getting long and lovely, the summer is an ideal time to get fundraising for your school or organisation. People are winding down, they're relaxed and looking to have a good time and the weather means you're likely to be able to have a bigger, outdoor event. It's a great opportunity to go all out and have a super summer fête and with good planning and execution, it can be a real success.
Aim for big profits!
Roll up, roll up! Great sideshows
A brand-new game of skill or a fun activity that no-one has seen before is sure to attract the crowds - especially if you're giving away top-notch prizes. Have a look at our range of sideshows and prizes and see if there's something that will get them queuing up at your fête!
Roll up, roll up! Great sideshows Roll up, roll up! Great sideshows
Tattoos have risen and risen in popularity in recent years. Statistics show that 20% of UK adults have at least one, so it's little wonder that this is a trend children are keen to emulate. Luckily, there are literally thousands of cool, temporary tattoos for kids to try, which can be easily removed in minutes!
Roll up, roll up! Great sideshows
Roll up, roll up! Great sideshows
A must at all fundraising events! This popular money-spinning stall is a firm favourite with all ages, with the added bonus of no financial outlay and pure profit for the fundraising organisation concerned.

Get supporters (and children) to 'make and donate a homemade cake'. To help ensure variety on the cake stall, draw up a cake list adding the name of the baker alongside, this will help prevent having too many of one type of cake on the stall. Don't forget to include fairy cakes and biscuits for the little ones to buy. Remember... the more the merrier as any surplus cakes can always be cut up and sold with a cup of tea on the Tea Stall. For recipe ideas visit
Fabulous new Tombolas
A Tombola is a surefire winner at any fête and we've got a terrific range of fun ones that will get the people queuing. Each tombola comes with everything you need to get it going, plus a realistic estimate of profits, based on the ticket price. And if that's not enough, we operate a sale or return policy, so you can send any unused prizes back and get a refund. What a win!
Fabulous new Tombolas
People love to buy items at fêtes and fairs that are handmade and everyone loves to get creative, so why not combine the two and create a crafty corner where people can buy and make crafts. Visit our Kids Craft Fair feature article for lots of money-making ideas on how to create a successful craft stall.

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