How to create a Kid's Craft Fair   How to create a Kid's Craft Fair
People love to buy items at fêtes and fairs that are handmade and everyone loves to get creative so why not combine the two and get children to create some lovely crafts, poster artwork and bakes - in the classroom or at home - that can be used at your next fundraising event.

It's a great way to promote the positive values of charity and giving to children whilst they're doing something they love. Encouraging them to lend a hand alongside a parent or volunteer to sell their wares at an event, will nurture a sense of achievement and pride when they see the benefits and value their contribution has made to a school, group or charity.
"Based on my past fundraising experience, here are some suggestions to get you started..." Patti Baker Tip
Kid's Craft Stall
People tend to buy practical things they can use in the home, so here are some suggestions on the type of products that tend to be popular and sell more readily. Also consider the latest crazes and themes and recommend the kids decorate products accordingly to improve sales.
Kid's Craft Stall PORCELAIN - Mugs, photo frames, tealight candle holders, money boxes, flower pots, coasters etc.
Kid's Craft Stall WOOD - Photo frames, jewellery trees, bird houses, gift boxes etc.
Kid's Craft Stall FABRIC - Tie-dye, t-shirts and bags.
  Create crafts to match your organisation's theme e.g. Animal Charity - make and design animal themed products.

Make and design products to reflect the season like summer and winter and occasions such as Easter and Christmas.
Kid's Craft Stall
Make 'n' Take
Kid's Craft Stall
Make 'n' Take
Buy or use any existing or donated beads, charms, cords, split metal rings etc. for kids and adults to sit and make on the stall, and then take home. Suggested charge could be £1 or more according to the quality of the make and cost of materials.
Kid's Craft Stall From our experience, having a volunteer crafter demonstrating at this stall will increase interest and sales enormously.
Kid's Craft Stall Trestle tables and benches encourage all ages to sit and participate in a group activity. Decorate tables with our colourful plastic splash covers.
Kid's Craft Stall Ensure you put all beads and components in plastic tubs, glass jars or other containers to prevent them escaping on to the floor and to look visually appealing. Use small inexpensive trays to store the beads whilst making.
Kid's Craft Stall
Kid's Craft Stall Make and create a wide variety of bracelets, necklaces, keyrings, bag danglers and other small trinkets for all ages, in the classroom or at home, prior to the event to sell.
Kid's Craft Stall Gift wrap the jewellery in tissue or in our pretty keepsake Mini Organza Bags to add value with an optional charge of 40p-50p.
Kid's Craft Stall
Kid's Craft Stall FUNKY FOAM GLASSES - We offered foam glasses as a make at a recent exhibition and they were queuing up to decorate them. But be warned - it proved even more popular with adults! Ensure you have plenty of Foam Glasses Blanks and loads of foam, fabric and gems stickers as well as sequins, feathers and glue dots.
Kid's Craft Stall SAND ART - Creating rainbow sand art is always popular. Check out our Sand Art Super Value Pack. Kid's Craft Stall
Kid's Craft Stall RAINBOW SCRATCH ART - Always popular and quick and easy to create, choose from keyrings, masks and door hangers or bracelets and windmills. For our complete scratch art selection click here.
Kid's Craft Stall FOAM CRAFT - Foam is a versatile resource and our exciting kits such as our top selling Foam Sailboats, coasters and treasure chest kits are all bound to be winners with the kids at your event.
Kid's Craft Stall
All children love baking, so get them started on these classic favourites: Kid's Craft Stall
Kid's Craft Stall Fairy and Cupcakes
Kid's Craft Stall Oat flapjacks
Kid's Craft Stall Shaped iced biscuits
Kid's Craft Stall Chocolate rice krispies cakes
Kid's Craft Stall Lemon drizzle cake
Kid's Craft Stall Victoria sponge
Visit our website for the full recipes.
Kid's Craft Stall
Craft Fair Poster
Get children to create colourful, eye-catching advertising posters and programmes for your event in the classroom or at home and make it into a competition. Individually handcrafted programmes are much more appealing than the standard printed variety. Remember to tip off the local press by sending a poster and programme about your kids craft event to get free advertising, which will encourage the public to attend.

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