How to create a thriving Fundraising Stall
Now that we're getting into summer fête season, it's time to start thinking about the star of the show - the fundraising stall of course, full of money-spinning sideshows and big-profit tombolas! There's nothing quite as tempting for little visitors as the chance to play a fun game and win a fab gift in the process. And when the prizes are from our Lucky Dips & Prizes and Toy collections no one will be able to pass up the opportunity to have a go! We've searched far and wide to find great value and great fun toys which are perfect for prizes; read on to find out how to show them off to their full potential!
Everyone's a WINNER!
The secret to success is to make sure your goodies appeal to everyone. There will be visitors of different ages at the event so you need to be able to attract them all. We have a huge variety of toys so it should be easy to choose a wide selection. For example Mini Scented Notebooks are perfect for glam girls, while car fans will love our fun Pull-Back Racers. Players will also enjoy being able to choose their own prizes, so why not give them the freedom of picking a toy by themselves? You'll end up with the most popular stall at the fête!

Super Sideshows!
Make sure visitors to your stall are having lots of fun while helping to raise money with an exciting sideshow. We have a range of fantastic attractions that are sure to bring in the crowds, like this Jungle Animal Toss Game and don't forget to have your prizes prominently displayed for extra impact.

Terrific TATTOOS
Temporary tattoos are always hugely popular with all ages, and they're amazing value too with prices starting from 3.5p each! We have a huge range of exclusive temporary tattoo designs from Dinosaur Tattoos to Pirates so no-one need be left out, plus they can be easily removed in minutes so parents will also be happy!

Fabulous new Tombolas
A Tombola is a surefire winner at any fête, and we've got a terrific range of fun ones that will get the people queuing. Each tombola comes with everything you need to get it going, plus a realistic estimate of profits, based on the ticket price. And if that's not enough, we operate a sale or return policy, so you can send any unused prizes back and get a refund. What a win!
How to create a thriving Fundraising Stall
Sale or Return Tombolas

Check out our terrific range of
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