SPIN some much needed cash this Christmas for your organisation by creating a magical Santa's Grotto. Every child loves a visit so ensure you have a sackful of presents and of course, Santa!  
Reindeer Jump-Ups
Did you know...
Santa Claus, based on St Nicholas, is a fairly recent addition to the Christmas celebrations. We first hear of him in the poem "A visit from St Nicholas" which dates back to 1823. He is different from Father Christmas, who traditionally wore green and was seen as the herald of springtime. Santa's Grotto, a cavern or magical space in a shop where children could meet Santa, first appeared in Lewis's Bon Marche Department Store in Liverpool in 1879 and was called Christmas Fairyland. The grotto still appears every year, and is now more than 10,000 square feet. The tradition has spread around the world and thousands of department stores and shopping centres now have a Santa's Grotto each year often with model creatures and actors dressed as elves.
It wouldn't be Santa's Grotto without a sack full of presents! Stock up on toys with our Grotto Gifts or check out our Santa's Super Toy Selection for great value toys in bulk. Make sure you have plenty though, or there may be tears!
Finishing Touches Christmas Mosaic Picture
The secret to success is in the detail! You can wrap gifts in our special Santa Gift Bags whilst children will love wearing our I've Visited Santa Stickers with pride!

Plus, keep them sweet by handing out our festive favourite Mini Chocolate Santas and other great Christmas sweet treats
Christmas Mosaic Picture
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