Viking Torque

A torque (or torc) is a metal neck ring worn with the open ends at the front. Viking torques were usually made from twisted silver strands with dragons heads, decorative balls or discs on the ends.

Viking Torque

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make a torque ring you need 8 x pipe cleaners. Start by twisting 2 pipe cleaners together then repeat with 2 more pipe cleaners to make 2 x separate twisted strands. Twist the end 2cm of both strands together to make one long piece, measuring approximately 50cm. Repeat to make another 50cm matching length of twisted pipe cleaners.
  2. Wrap both the pipe cleaner lengths with masking tape then twist along each one.
  3. Twist the 2 long pieces together to make a single thicker strand for the torque ring.
  4. Before painting, fix the ends of the pipe cleaners onto some scrap card to hold them still. Brush black paint over the top, working the paint into the twists so the surface is covered on one side. Leave to dry then turn over and paint the other side. Leave to dry.
  5. Lightly brush silver paint over the black to highlight the twisted pattern on both sides.
  6. To make the end sections for the torque, cut 2 x 5cm x 4cm pieces of black card. Fold both pieces in half into 2cm x 5cm rectangles. Use a pencil to draw a simple dragon (or another design) onto the card pieces with the folded edges at the top. Draw the dragons facing each other, as mirror images. Draw over the pencil lines with a silver pen. Leave to dry. Cut the corners into simple curves. Don’t cut too far into the design.
  7. Brush glue onto the ends of the pipe cleaners then stick both folded dragons heads over the top, with the pipe cleaners sandwiched between the card pieces. Press the bottom edges and sides of the card together until they are stuck together.
  8. Once the glue has thoroughly dried, trim the card around the nose and along the bottom edges into a curve so the edges are neat. Stick on small triangular stones for the eyes.
  9. Finally stick on the wings using a glue stick.
Viking Torque Viking Torque Viking Torque

Top Tip

Use paperclips or small foldback clips to hold the card heads in place while the glue dries. To cover the pipe cleaners in masking tape, hold the twisted pipe cleaners in one hand and a long strip of tape in the other hand. Stick one end of the tape onto the end of the pipe cleaners then start turning the pipe cleaners, keeping the tape at a diagonal angle until the whole length is covered.

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