Tudor House

Build your own Tudor-style town houses from boxes! Original Tudor houses were made from timber beams with wattle and daub. There was often an overhanging upper storey or ‘jetty’, which was bigger than the ground level and the windows were small as glass was expensive. Children can populate their town with Tudor versions of Historical Figures.

Tudor House

Skill Level

Beginner; Key Stage 2 (Age 7+)

Time to Make

1.5 hours + drying time for glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. For the lower section of the house, stack 3 matchboxes together then wrap masking tape around the sides. Stick another 3 boxes together in the same way then tape the 2 stacks together, side by side, to make a box shape, roughly measuring 7cm x 5.5cm x 4.5cm. Wrap more making tape over the boxes to seal the open edges on the matchboxes. Paint white and leave to dry.
  2. For the top section of the house, tape down the lid of a House Craft Box to the bottom of the box. Paint it white and leave to dry.
  3. To check the positioning of the 2 sections, place the top of the house onto the lower section, without gluing. The top section should overhang at the front and sides by a small amount. Outline a door and some small windows onto both sections of the house with a pencil.
  4. Draw diagonal lines across the windows using a thin black pen. Cut out a door from a lighter wood pattern. Glue it onto the lower section of the house.
  5. Cut some 5mm x 20cm strips from a dark wood effect patterned paper for the timber beams. Glue the strips around both sections of the house. Cut some shorter strips for outlining the windows, door and for some extra beams or add some curved beams.
  6. Cut some brick patterned paper into roof tiles, make each tile about 1cm x 1.5cm. Glue the tiles along the bottom edge of the roof, then work upwards towards the top so they overlap. (As a quicker alternative for younger children, stick a piece of brick-coloured paper to cover the whole roof then draw a tile pattern in pen over the top).
  7. Glue the 2 house sections together and leave to dry.
Tudor House Tudor House Tudor House

Top Tip

Cut up plenty roof tiles before you start so they are ready to stick down, it takes 60-80 tiles to cover a roof. Try making more Tudor houses in different sizes, you could have a bigger base section using 8 matchboxes, or try constructing a house with 3 overhanging levels.

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