Egg Maracas

If you’re about to tackle the musical side of the curriculum with your class, or just keen to have a liven up session at home, why not create your own shakers from our plastic two-part eggs? Children can experiment by filling the eggs with different materials such as beads or rice to see what sounds they make.

Egg Maracas

Skill Level


Time to Make

1.5 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Select two coloured eggs and remove the top of each.
  2. For egg one, place a handful of Hama beads inside one half of the egg before replacing the lid.
  3. For egg two, place a handful of rice inside one half of the egg before replacing the lid.
  4. Do the same for egg three, but this time, choose a wacky ingredient of your own. Let children think up their own special material then shake to see what it sounds like.
  5. Now, decorate each of the eggs with musical stickers.
  6. Finally, whip up easy handles from lolly sticks secured with a strip of self-adhesive foam to complete.
  7. Give them a shake and see how they sound!

Top Tip

Continue choosing a variety of different materials to help make a fun selection of sounds!

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