Teapot Bird Feeder

Make a unique bird feeder for your garden out of an old teapot!

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cover the teapot and a bamboo stick with a coat of red paint and leave to dry.
  2. Once dry, use white paint to decorate the teapot with a polka dot pattern. Leave to dry, then add a coat of varnish to seal it.
  3. Glue the bamboo stick to the rim of the teapot, just above the spout, to create a perch for the birds. Leave to dry.
  4. Tie a piece of dark blue ribbon around the handle to create a loop for the teapot to hang from.
  5. Fill the inner part of the teapot with bird seed.

Top Tip

Try filling the tip of the teapot with glue to prevent seeds falling out of the spout. You will need to seal the teapot with a coat of acrylic varnish to make it water resistant.

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