Rainbow Foam Experiment

Get ready for a blast of colourful fun with Rainbow Foam. This fun and messy, outdoor experiment is a simple, exciting way to learn about science and spark creativity using items you already have at home.

Rainbow Foam Experiment

Skill Level


Time to Make

15 Minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

First protect the area that you will be doing this experiment on or try it outside. Wear an apron or old clothes as the food colouring can stain.

  1. Fill a shallow bowl with a mixture of water and a generous amount of liquid soap and mix.
  2. Take your bottle and with the help of an adult cut the end off, leaving just the top half.
  3. Cut a square of fabric from the bag big enough to fit over the bottom of your bottle.
  4. Fix this onto your bottle with rubber bands.
  5. Take the lid of the bottle so you can blow into the top.
  6. Dip this into the soap mixture until the fabric is saturated.
  7. Remove this and let it drain a moment so that it’s not dripping wet, or your colours will run.
  8. Now paint the fabric with food colouring
  9. Then blow into the mouthpiece and you will see a foam rainbow appear.
Rainbow Foam Experiment Rainbow Foam Experiment Rainbow Foam Experiment

Top Tip

You can use bubble bath or bubble mixture if you prefer.

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