Straw Models

Start small, then get as complicated as you like! That’s the great thing about this simple make, it can be adapted for all ages and skill levels. Using just string and natural straws, you can demonstrate how to assemble 2D shapes and then move on to 3D models.

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. The basic triangle model is a good place to start with young children because, although it looks like a very easy project, it’s actually quite fiddly when they need to start wrapping string around two straws while holding them in position.
  2. Take three straws and put one aside for the moment. Arrange two of the straws so they cross over about 1cm from one end. Then, hold them in position like that and take the end of a reel of string around both straws, through the middle of the two straw ends, back around again, then under and over.
  3. Repeat again, working the string around, through, under and over, pulling it tightly to keep the straws in place. Once the straws are secure (quite snug), tie the string in a double knot, pulling it taut.
  4. Arrange the third straw across the bottom of the other two, filling the gap between the two ends and forming a triangle.
  5. Starting at one end, take a new length of string and start wrapping it around the two straw ends as before, securing them together. Repeat for the third corner of the triangle, where two straw ends should be crossing like before, ready to be secured.

Top Tip

If children are struggling to hold the straws in place, you can try adding a little sticky tack or a glue dot to make it easier for them, before wrapping the string around.

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