Story Dice

Get children’s story telling and imaginations flowing with these story dice.  Make up the dice and add a variety of character or object stickers to each side.  When the children roll the dice, encourage them to create a story including the characters or objects that land on top.

Story Dice

Skill Level

Intermediate. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Choose three different A4 coloured card sheets. Using the dice template provided, draw around and cut out from the coloured card.
  2. Fold along each edge of the cut-out dice shape inwards, including the flaps to make it easier to stick the dice together.
  3. Position the dice template so that it resembles the shape of a cross. There should be 1 section at the top, then a section either side and two sections at the bottom. Fold up each of side sections, fold the flaps inwards and apply glue. Fold the top section inwards to meet the flaps, press and hold while the glue starts to dry. Then bring up the two sections at the bottom to meet the corresponding flaps, press and hold while the glue starts to dry. This should now resemble a box with a lid.
  4. Finally, add glue to the remaining three flaps, fold the last side over and hold while the glue starts to dry.
  5. Once the dice is secure, add the people foam stickers to each side of one dice, the animal foam stickers to the next dice and the transport stickers to the third dice.
  6. Children can then roll each dice and whichever foam sticker shows at the top, that will be a main feature of the story.
  1. Choose a coloured paper plate as the serving plate, divide this equally into 8 sections using a ruler and felt tip pen. Then number the sections from 1 to 8.
  2. Take a yellow coloured paper plate and use for the pizza base. Divide this equally into 8 sections using a ruler and these will form the pizza slices. A pizza crust can be added by cutting the round edge of another contrasting coloured paper plate, diving equally into 8 and gluing on to the yellow slices.
  3. Using the coloured card, cut out 9 red circles for pepperoni, 9 mushroom shapes, 9 green shapes to use as peppers, 9 circles to use as olives.
  4. Then layout the 8 pizza slices and start gluing on the toppings. Make sure there is 1 topping on the first slice, two toppings on the next slice and so on.
  5. Once the pizza toppings have been added, these slices can then be matched to the written numbers on the serving plate.

Top Tip

Replace 1 foam sticker dice with a word dice to encourage vocabulary learning.



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