Rainforest Toucan

Transform your classroom into a rainforest scene with colourful toucans made from paper plates. Thick paint pens are a quick and easy way for adding patches of colour for variations on the toucans’ wings, tails and beaks. You could include rainforest flowers plants, called epiphytes, which grow high up on trees so they can reach more sunlight.

Rainforest Toucan

Skill Level

Easy KS1 / KS2

Time to Make

1-1.5 hours + drying time for glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. For the branch, glue tree mosaic tiles over a cardboard tube until it is completely covered. It takes around 100-120 tiles to cover a 20cm tube. Leave to dry.
  2. Cut 1 metre of green twisted cord. Thread it through the tube then tie the ends together in a knot, so the tube can be hung up. Add a piece of sticky tape inside the tube on both sides to hold the cord in place.
  3. Fold a large paper plate in half so the coloured side faces inwards. Draw a 10cm diameter semi-circle along the folded edge in the middle. You could draw around a roll of tape, a cup or use a compass to do this.
  4. With the plate still folded, cut around the semi-circle outline, open it out to make a circle then fold it over so the coloured side faces outwards for the toucan’s body.
  5. For the toucan’s head and beak shape, cut out 2 matching pieces from a coloured plate, 12cm in length with a pointed end for the beak. Check the pieces match together with the coloured sides facing outwards. Glue the top curved edges together, leaving the straight edges and the end unglued. Leave to dry.
  6. Add patches of colour onto the beak and body with Deco Pens (or thick felt pens). Stick eyes onto both sides the head.
  7. Cut a 6cm wedge shape from the edge of a plate for the tail, fold it in half then glue it inside the body. Cut out 2 wings, glue them onto the body then glue the head onto the body. Add cut out feet onto the toucan’s body so it can sit upright.
  8. Glue tissue paper leaves and flowers onto the tube and along the cord. Glue the toucan onto the branch.
Rainforest Toucan Rainforest Toucan Rainforest Toucan

Top Tip

For sticking the 2 beak pieces together, hold the edges together with paperclips until the glue has dried.

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