Quick Make Trumpet

Bring a little music into your day with this model trumpet – children can create different noises depending on the size of the cone.

Quick Make Trumpet

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a craft pot and push out the cardboard base so you have an open cylinder. Cut coloured card to fit the tube and wrap it around the cylinder, ensuring the ends overlap so it’s completely covered. Secure in place with Glue Dots.
  2. Cut a rectangle from coloured card and form into a cone shape, you’ll find that if you rest it inside one end of the cylinder and let it relax a little, it will naturally relax into the right-sized cone, you can then secure the two sides of the card in place to keep the cone shape.
  3. Cut vertical slits into the smaller end of the cone, so that you can bend them slightly outwards. Apply a glue dot to the outside of each little strip, then carefully position the smaller end of the cone back inside the cylinder. Press the ends down onto the inner sides of the cylinder, it’s easier to do this from the other end of the cylinder.
  4. Once the cone is securely in place, decorate the trumpet with gems and buttons, as shown. You could even personalise with foam letters or add a ribbon neck-strap.

Top Tip

Try creating different trumpets with different sized cones and listening to how the sound changes each time

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