Pop-Up Greek Temple Card

Make your own classical Greek temple! Ancient Greeks built temples and statues to honour their different gods. There was a God for most aspects of life, from the sea, stars and wisdom to celebrations and delivering messages. Whether it is Athena, Apollo or Ares, build your own homage to these mighty beings!

Pop-Up Greek Temple Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

1.5 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Fold a piece of A4 white card in half for the background then open it out flat.
    To make the pop-up piece, remove the outer section from a craft matchbox then press it flat. Place the matchbox horizontally onto the background card, positioning it in the middle against the fold on the background card. Draw around the matchbox in pencil.
  2. Remove the matchbox from the background then colour a landscape onto the background with oil pastels, leaving the middle area for the matchbox white. Stick the matchbox in place along the middle fold with double-sided tape. Check the card still opens and closes freely.
    As the oil pastels are greasy, leaving the middle area uncoloured makes it easier to stick the matchbox in place.
  3. For the columns on the temple, trim 4 x craft sticks to 8cm in length and leave the other 2 as they are. Paint the sticks white on one side and along the edges. Leave to dry.
  4. Cut out the temple pieces from a sheet of white card.
    For the steps, cut a piece 2cm x 16cm. Use a thin felt pen and ruler to draw lines along the card then cut out small steps at the edges.
    For the triangular pediment, cut a piece of card 3cm x 15cm. For the strip underneath the pediment cut a piece of card 2 x 14cm. Add patterns and lines with felt pen.
    Glue the card pediment onto the strip to make the top section of the temple.
  5. Draw thin lines onto the columns with a ruler and pen. Glue the tops of the columns, arrange them in a line then stick the top section of the temple in place. Check the columns are evenly spaced and straight.
    Glue the bottoms of the columns then stick the card steps in place. Check the columns again to check they are straight.
    Leave to dry.
  6. For the middle section on the temple, cut a 6cm x 10cm rectangle of card. Place the temple with columns on top on the card then mark the position of the door in the middle with a pencil. Remove the card, fill in the door with a pen then glue it behind the columns. Leave to dry.
  7. Stick the temple onto the folding matchbox on the background.
Pop-Up Greek Temple Card Pop-Up Greek Temple Card Pop-Up Greek Temple Card

Top Tip

For a more textured background effect, break off 2-3cm from the oil pastels then rub the colour sideways across the card. Try using 2 or 3 different colours on the landscape and sea.

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