Pharaoh Golden Mask

The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt were magnificent both in life and death. Elaborate masks were placed over mummified bodies as a sign that the person had been important. Make your own golden mask to display as a wall decoration.

Pharaoh Golden Mask

Skill Level


Time to Make

1.5 hours + drying time for paint + glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. To make the curved piece for the top of the mask, cut a large paper plate in half. Cut off a small section from one side, making the plate into a wedge shape with angled ends. Place the mask onto the reverse side (white side) of the plate, leaving about 3cm between the top of the mask at the edge of the plate. Draw around the top curve of the mask onto the plate. Lift up the mask then cut away the pointed section of the plate, leaving a 2-3cm curve below the pencil line. Cut flaps around the curve then bend upwards. Press a small piece of double-sided tape onto each flap, remove the backing then press the plate in position onto the back of the mask. Stick masking tape or sticky tape over the flaps to hold them, if necessary.
  2. To make the side sections for the mask, paint the white side of a large paper plate gold and leave it to dry. Fold the plate in half then cut down the middle to make 2 pieces. Cut out 2 matching shapes using the template, or draw your own shape.
  3. Cut the leftover plate pieces into 2 ear shapes, fold the edges then tape onto the side of the mask.
  4. Brush gold paint over the mask and the curved top section. Leave to dry.
  5. For the collar, brush curve stripes of metallic blue and red paint over a large paper plate, on the white side. Leave to dry.
  6. Lightly draw pencil lines on the top section of the mask and onto the sides as a guide for painting the stripes. Paint metallic blue stripes onto the top of the mask and on the side pieces. Leave to dry.
  7. Cut out 2 eye shapes from paper; make them slightly bigger than the eye holes on the mask. Turn the mask over then glue the paper to cover the holes. Paint black lines around the eyes with circles in the middles and eyebrows.
  8. Lightly brush gold paint around the edge of the collar to highlight the pattern on the plate. Glue the mask with the sections on top. Leave to dry.
  9. Glue a thin strip of glitter card above the eyes as a headband and on the sides sections of the mask. Cut out a piece of glitter card for the beard and shapes for the snake then glue in position.
Pharaoh Golden Mask Pharaoh Golden Mask Pharaoh Golden Mask

Top Tip

If you prefer to make a mask for wearing, leave the eyes uncovered, thread elastic through the side holes and don’t include the collar section.



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