Peruvian Stone Design

Create a design inspired by the craft artists from ancient Peru. Inlaid stones, shells and gold were used to make jewellery and other special artefacts.

Peruvian Stone Design

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut off a 9cm strip across a piece of A4 white card to make a square (21cm x 21cm).
    Fold the card in half then draw a simple outline using the template, for half a figure to fill the card. Draw a curve at the top for a big head dress with a head, body, arm and leg underneath. Cut out the shape then open it out into a symmetrical shape.
  2. Cut out small texture paper pieces to roughly fit over the card shape then glue them in place. Choose patterns and colours for realistic stone effects. The reverse sides are plain, which can also be used in the design.
    The cut out pieces don’t need to fit precisely; overhanging paper can be trimmed around the edges. Stick small cut out rectangles around the head dress to make a mosaic-style pattern. Glue small cut outs for the face. The head dress, legs and hands can be carefully trimmed to add shape and detail to the figure.
  3. Draw a big circle onto black A3 card for the background; you could draw around a plate (26-28cm) as a guide. Cut out the circle then glue the figure in the middle.
  4. Cut out smaller details like the ear plates and tassels then glue them onto the design. Cut out small rectangles from patterned paper then glue around the edge of the circle as a border. As an alternative design idea, several patterned figures could be glued onto a bigger background or wall frieze.
Peruvian Stone Design Peruvian Stone Design Peruvian Stone Design

Top Tip

Glue a cardboard plate or a card circle to the back of the finished design to make it stronger.