Peruvian Patterns

Peruvian designs on weavings, pots and textiles often feature bold, stylised patterns. Re-create a simple Peruvian-inspired collage using colourful geometric cut outs.

Peruvian Patterns

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a piece of A3 coloured card for the background. Mark the middle point at the top and bottom of the card to help position the pieces on your design.
  2. Cut out 5 card rectangles 8cm x 10cm in different colours to make geometric faces. Choose colours to stand out clearly against the background. Cut out small card squares and strips for the eyes, nose and mouths in different colours then stick them onto the rectangles.
    Glue the faces onto the background in a vertical line down the middle so the edges meet.
  3. Cut out 5 more coloured card rectangles 8cm x 10cm. Cut the rectangles in half to make triangles or cut steps or zig-zag shapes. If the rectangles all start the same size the cut out shapes will fit neatly into the design.
    Glue the shapes onto the background. Cut out smaller triangles or squares to fill in the gaps and to add more colour. Finished designs can be displayed together as a big wall pattern.
Peruvian Patterns Peruvian Patterns Peruvian Patterns

Top Tip

Arrange the cut out pieces on the background before sticking them down to find the best colour combinations.