Pegasus Puppet

The winged horse with a snow-white coat was descended from Poseiden the sea God and is one of the most famous images from classical mythology. Immerse yourself in these epic stories today by bringing your own Pegasus to life.

Pegasus Puppet

Skill Level


Time to Make

1.5 hours + drying time for paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Carefully cut off the unicorn’s horn and the lower ear with scissors then smooth the wood with sandpaper. Adult help
  2. Place the wooden body and wings onto newspaper, paint white and leave to dry. Paint around the edges and on the reverse sides. Leave to dry. Add a second coat of white if necessary.
  3. Position the wings facing each other with the holes in the middle and the scalloped edges at the bottom.
    Stick white feathers on top of both wings using glue dots, starting at the outer edges, working towards the holes in the middle. Stick the feathers so they overlap following the wing shapes.
  4. To decorate the body, paint the hooves, nostrils and eye outlines in silver paint using a thin brush, leave to dry then stick gems in the middle of the eyes.
  5. For the mane, wrap a 50cm pieces of white wool around 2 or 3 fingers to make a series of loops, slide the wool off your fingers, tie a short piece of wool around one side of the loops into a knot then cut through the opposite side to make a tassel. Stick the tassel to cover the neck with the knot at the top so the wool strands hangs down on either side.
    Make another tassel for the tail, using slightly bigger loops to make a longer tassel. Add more tassels if necessary to make the mane and tail thicker. Trim off any uneven ends on the wool.
  6. Follow the diagrams supplied with the kit to hang the puppet.
    Attach the wings to Pegasus with a 25cm loop of white wool tied through the holes (or use the string supplied in the kit); lift up the feathers to do this if the holes are covered.
    Tie 2 x 100cm loops of wool (or string) through the holes on the hanging pole, positioning the loops around the wings and through the slots. Check the loops are hanging evenly and the wings can freely move. Add a blob of glue into the 2 slots to hold the loops in place.
  7. Tie a 25cm piece of wool (or string) into the hole underneath the body.
    Stick 2 matching glitter stars back to back at the end of the string. Use the string to move the wings up and down. You could add more stars on the string or onto Pegasus as decoration.
Pegasus Puppet Pegasus Puppet Pegasus Puppet

Top Tip

Glue dots are a quick and non-messy way to stick feathers onto the wings. Cut off a single glue dot with the backing paper from the roll, press it down onto the wing, peel off the backing then stick a feather on top of the dot. Longer feathers may need 2 glue dots.

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