Paper Plate Dinosaur

This is a fun art project that can double up as a wall display or party decoration for any dino fans out there!

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. This is a really quick make that only uses one plate for all of the main dinosaur components. First, cut a green plate in half so you have two equal halves. Arrange one half with the straight edge at the bottom and the curved ridges at the top – this will form the dinosaur’s body.
  2. Take the remaining half and cut out a curved neck and head, using the picture as a guide. Secure this to the reverse of the right-hand side of the plate, as shown, using a glue dot. Now your dinosaur is starting to take shape.
  3. You’ll still have some remaining scrap card left over from the second half of the plate. Use this to draw out two stumpy little legs and a little tail, as shown. Secure the legs along the bottom straight edge, spaced out equally, using glue dot.
  4. The tail needs to be secured to the left-hand side of the plate, on the reverse, green side up. Now just add a wiggle eye to the head and draw on a mouth with a black pen and your dinosaur is good to go!

Top Tip

Draw out the head shape, legs and tail onto the reverse of the plate half in pencil rather than cutting out freehand.

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