Number Value Card

Help children get to grips with the concept of number values with this creative cupcake. Each layer is used to represent a value of the top number, making it easier to understand how a number is broken down into ones, tens and hundreds.

Number Value Card

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Take a piece of A4 white card and position it on a flat surface. Using coloured card and the picture as a guide cut out a cupcake base, the rounded cupcake top, a splurge of icing and a cherry from card.
  2. Assemble the pieces centrally on the sheet of white card, as shown, with the base, then the cupcake, then the icing and the cherry, using PVA glue. Press down on each piece firmly to smooth out any wrinkles after you’ve stuck it down to the white card.
  3. Using self-adhesive stickers, adhere your chosen three-digit number to the top of the cake, as shown. Underneath, write the sum of the values that make up the number, so 159 would be 10 + 50 + 9.
  4. Use a layer for each number value; a layer for ones, one for tens, one for hundreds. Using the picture as a guide, add the correct number sticker to each layer (so for example, for the ones value layer, you’d use 9 if the top number was 159) then put the correct number of dashes for the value word (in this case ‘ones’) so that children can write the word in afterwards. Repeat for hundreds and tens, as shown.
  5. Decorate or personalise the cake with stickers or by writing on a title such as ‘My Number Values’ or ‘Number Value Cupcake’.

Learning Guide

  1. Pre-cut the pieces of the cake and ask children to glue them in place, show a guide version they can follow or draw out a template onto the sheet of card for each piece so they know where to stick them.
  2. Hand out the correct number stickers and tell children where to stick them, but encourage them to place the numbers themselves, as it will help develop their hand-eye co-ordination and fine motor skills.
  3. Alternatively, you can pre-prepare the cupcake and stickers and draw on the dashes for the letters before handing them out.
  4. For both versions of the activity, talk the children through the values first, read out the big number and ask the class or the group how many hundreds are in one hundred, how many tens in 50 and how many ones in 9. It doesn’t matter if they get the answer wrong, then take them through the correct answers and count out the values to explain. Write up the word ‘hundreds’ and ‘tens’ and ‘ones’ on a board and ask them to copy the words onto their work sheet, then to write the big number at the bottom to complete the activity.
  5. The cupcakes can be used as part of a class display or it can be put in their workbooks or homework scrapbooks.

Top Tip

Make sure the cupcake layers are big enough to contain the stickers and words you'll be writing on them before you cut them out.

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