Music Note Mobile

Teach children to recognise different music notes and familiarise themselves with the names through this fun design project. Younger children will need quite a lot of guidance, as tying the string and positioning the gems can be a tiny bit fiddly for very little fingers, but they will enjoy making their own hanging decoration using different craft supplies.

Music Note Mobile

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut out four note shapes; two from green card and two from orange card, using the picture as a guide.
  2. Take two straws and arrange them so they are crossed over at the mid point to form an X. Wrap string around them, in this position, going over and under and through the X until the straws are secure, pulling the string taut but not to tight, then tie in a knot and let one end of the string hang loose for about 8 to 10cm and this will be your hanging string and cut the excess away from the other end with scissors.
  3. The side of the mobile straws with the string hanging from it will need to be the top, so position them with this facing upwards when you attach the music notes later.
  4. Next, take your green quarter note and pierce a hole in the top carefully with a sharp pencil. Repeat for the quaver note, and the beamed notes (for the beamed notes, make sure you pierce the hole in the uppermost corner, as shown).
  5. Cut four long lengths of string, all the same size (at least double the length you want your mobile strings to be). Thread each piece of string through the hole in a music note, pulling it through so the mid point of the string is in the hole, and you have two long threads free to pull upwards.
  6. One by one, attach a music note to a stick of the mobile straws. The quaver and quarter note must be hung opposite each other, as must the beamed notes or the mobile won’t balance. To tie them to the sticks, pull up both long ends of the string, so the music note hangs down, and wrap it close to the end of the stick you want it to hang from. Keep wrapping, using about 3cm of the end of the string until you’re happy it’s secure, then tie in a double knot and trim the ends, adding a glue dot for extra security. Repeat for each note, making sure they are level when they hang down.
  7. The hanging strings will gape a little as they doubled-up, so stick a strip of gems, starting from the pierced hole on one side of the note, and carrying up along the string to join the two lengths together and up and over the straw stick they hang from, as shown. Do this for each note.

Top Tip

Pierce a hole in from the outer edge so that it doesn't rip through the card

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