Monster Clacker

This fun and freaky monster doesn’t just look a little scary – he makes a bit of a racket too! Children will love creating their own character clacker and then listening to the sound it makes once it’s finished. Cleverly made using card and one of our design-your-own badges, there’s plenty of potential to make a whole chorus of clackers – each with a different design!

Monster Clacker

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Cut a strip of blue card, wide enough to fix one of the badge cases to. Fold it in half to form the main body of the clacker.
  2. Cut out a strip of cards with zig-zags along one side and stick it to the left-hand side of the clacker, nearest the fold, as shown, with glue dots. Add wiggly eyes just below. Draw on a nose near the other end, close to the opening.
  3. Take two badge inserts and draw big yellow teeth around the edge of each one, colouring in the background with red pen. Fix each insert inside a badge case.
  4. Cut two squares of card the same size; smaller than the badge so it can be hidden behind it. Affix the pin of each badge onto the square of card. Then, position each mouth-badge inside the clacker, at the end by the opening. Position one on the underside of the top piece and one on the upperside of the bottom piece so that when the strips of card are pushed together the badges meet and make the ‘clack’ sound.
  5. Finally, add a medium sized pom pom inside the clacker, positioning it up against the fold and sticking it down on the bottom piece of card. This will ensure that the clacker bounces back once it’s been pressed together so it continues to make the noise. If it stops bouncing back when in use, simply puff up the pom pom again with your fingers.

Top Tip

If the clacker is too big for much younger children to use, you can make another version with a thinner strip of card and large buttons instead of badges.

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