Medieval Triptych

A triptych is a painting or panel divided into three sections often made with folding doors. In the medieval era, blue and gold were popular colours for beautiful painted designs depicting religious scenes with decorative embellishments.

Medieval Triptych

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Open a keepsake box. Carefully pull off the shallower box section from the card backing. If there are any torn areas these can be covered up in step 4. Run a closed pair of scissors along the hinged fold in the middle so the box opens out flat.
  2. Open another keepsake box. Pull off both the shallow and deep box sections from the card backing then run a pair of scissors along the fold in the middle to open it out. Spread glue over one side of the card backing then press the box from Step 1 on top, to make 3 sections, with the raised section in the middle and a folding panel on either side.
  3. Place the box with the side panels flat on your work surface. Paint the panels and box section with gold and leave to dry. Check the inside edges of the box section are completely covered. Add a second coat of paint if necessary. Turn the box over it over and paint it on the reverse. Leave to dry.
  4. To make template for the arches, fold a piece of 12cm x 8cm plain card in half, cut a curve at one end, then open it out into a symmetrical arch shape. Draw around template to make 3 x matching arches from blue paper. Glue the arches onto the 3 side panels.
  5. To make an angel cut a piece of 12cm x 8cm white card. Draw a simple outline in pencil then draw over the outline in a black deco pen and leave to dry. Fill in the black outlines with metallic paints and a small brush. Leave to dry. Cut around the angel then glue it onto the box. Repeat to make another angel and a star or draw some different designs for the 3 panels if you prefer.
  6. Use a cotton bud dipped into metallic paint to print a pattern around the edge of the box. Leave to dry. Add self-adhesive star jewels to decorate the panels. You could also use coloured deco paint pens to draw a border pattern.
Medieval Triptych Medieval Triptych Medieval Triptych

Top Tip

Metallic paints can be mixed together to make different colours. To make a pale flesh colour for the angel, mix red and gold with a small amount of water, or for a darker colour mix the paint without water.

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