Medieval Cross Necklaces

Crosses were popular items of jewellery in Medieval times.  Elaborate, expensive designs were made in silver, gold or carved bone. Simpler crosses were made from wood, polished pewter or brass.  Try making your own necklaces in different styles from this era.

Medieval Cross Necklaces

Skill Level

45 minutes + drying time for glue and paint.

Time to Make

Beginner. Adult supervision needed.

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  • Use a wooden cross magnet to make a larger necklace and a wooden cross key ring for a smaller one.
  • If you’re using a key ring cross, remove the chain and jump ring before painting it.

To make a silver or gold cross:

  1. Brush metallic paint over a wooden cross then leave to dry.
    Turn the cross over and paint the reverse side, including the edges and leave to dry.
  2. Add gold and silver pearls and acrylic gems to decorate.
  3. To attach a chain onto a smaller-sized cross, re-attach the key ring jump ring through the hole then thread with 40cm length of chain. The chain can easily be cut with a pair of strong scissors. Open out 2 more new jump rings then attach to the ends of the chain with toggle clasps. If the jump rings feel stiff ask an adult to help open and close them with pointed pliers.

    To hang a larger-sized cross, cut 2 x 1cm wide strips from the length of a large felt sheet. Stick the ends together with double-sided tape then decorate with self-adhesive pearls and gems.

To make a wooden cross:

  1. Mix up a small amount of dark brown paint then brush it over a wooden cross. Leave to dry then paint on the reverse. Leave to dry.
  2. Lightly brush black or a lighter brown paint over the top. Lave to dry then rub the cross with sandpaper for a worn effect on the surface and around the edges.
  3. Wrap a 40cm length of twine around the middle of the cross into an ‘X’ pattern with a knot on the back.
    Cut an 80 cm length of twine to hang the cross, push one end through the twine on the back then tie the ends together.
    Stick a piece of tape across the twine on the back of the cross then tie a knot just above the top.
Medieval Cross Necklaces Medieval Cross Necklaces Medieval Cross Necklaces

Top Tip

To add a raised section onto a cross design, glue a small square of thick card wrapped in masking tape onto the cross before painting it.

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