Medieval Belt Purse

As Medieval clothing didn’t have pockets, bags were important for keeping money and other small objects safe. Purses and pouches were made from leather or woven fabric. Only rich people could afford bright colours like red or blue as the dyes were expensive. 

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision


Medieval Belt Purse

Top Tip

For a more elaborately styled purse, paint a button gold and add a jewel to decorate it.

How to Make

Step 1

Medieval Belt Purse

Step 2

Medieval Belt Purse

Step 3

Medieval Belt Purse

  1. Open the flap on a fabric glasses case, then place it onto a piece of scrap paper. Use a fabric crayon to colour the glasses case on both sides. Press the crayon firmly across the fabric in both directions. Colour around the Velcro tab. The flap doesn’t need colouring in. Follow the instructions to fix the colour with an iron.
  2. Use a deco pen to draw a pattern around the edge of the purse. You could draw dots, lines or add a decorative design.
  3. To make a felt flap for the purse, cut a 10cm x 15cm strip from the width of a self-adhesive felt sheet. Fold it in half with the felt on the inside. Draw a curve at the top on the backing paper. Cut along the line and open out the felt into a symmetrical arch shape.
  4. To make the lining for the flap, cut a 10cm x 10cm square from the self-adhesive felt sheet. Place the cut out felt arch on top of the felt square then draw around the top. Cut out the arch from the square. Position the flap on the fabric purse over the felt square then draw around the edge to make a semi circle shape. Cut out the semi circle.
  5. Peel off the backing paper from the felt arch shape. Press the pointed end of the arch onto the fabric flap then stick it down, Fold the straight edge of the arch onto the back then press it down. Peel off the backing paper from the prepared felt lining then stick it to the underside of the fabric flap. The cut out semi-circle on the felt should fit around the edge of the fabric flap, leaving the Velcro tab uncovered. Don’t worry if they don’t match up precisely.
  6. To make a loop for the purse, cut 2 x 12cm x 3cm self-adhesive felt strips. Peel off both the backing papers then stick the 2 pieces together leaving 2cm overhanging at the ends, so the overall length is 14cm. Fold over the strip into a loop. Trim the loop into a tapering shape and add a pattern with a deco pen. Stick the sticky piece at the end of the loop to the back of the purse or to attach it more securely stitch it in place.
  7. Carefully snip a small hole in the felt flap with scissors. Choose a button to match the style of your purse, thread it with twine or string. Push the string through the hole in the flap then tie a knot at the end. To wear the purse around your waist, thread a belt through the loop.