Mayans God’s Eye Weaving

The God’s Eye is a colourful design made from yarn wrapped over a cross-shaped stick. They were woven spiritual symbols and for protection in ancient Mexico and are still a popular as a decorative craft.

Mayans God’s Eye Weaving

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour plus drying time for glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Glue 2 wooden sticks together into a cross shape then glue another stick onto one of the ends to make a longer handle. Leave to dry.
  2. To start weaving, hold the end of some wool in the middle of the cross with your thumb. Wrap it diagonally 4 or 5 times in each direction so the middle is covered.
  3. With the same wool, start making the God’s Eye pattern. Wrap the wool around the next stick then pull it across to make a diagonal line, wrap it around the next stick then pull it across making the next diagonal. Turn the cross round each time you wrap the wool around the sticks so it’s easier to build up the pattern.
  4. Keep wrapping and turning until you are ready to change colour. Hold the ends of the first and second colours together, tie a knot, trim the ends then continue wrapping and turning. As you build the pattern working outwards, the diagonals will get longer with each turn, if they wrap over each other or are too near to the middle, push the wool to the edge with your finger.
  5. Continue to wrap more colours by tying the wool together until the shape reaches 1cm from the ends of the sticks at the top and sides. Wrap the last piece with the wool at the top of the handle.
  6. Wrap the wool tightly around the top of the handle a few times then add more colours by tying on more wool to make a striped pattern. Cut the end when you reach about 1cm from the end of the handle. On the final wrap, keep the wool looser so the end can easily be tucked in on the back. Pull the end to hold the wool in place.
  7. To make a tassel, cut 3 x pieces of wool 15-20cm in length. Hold the pieces together, wrap them over one of the horizontal sticks then tie a knot. Trim the ends. Repeat to make another tassel on the other side.
Mayans God’s Eye Weaving Mayans God’s Eye Weaving Mayans God’s Eye Weaving

Top Tip

Leave the wool attached to the ball as you wrap it around the sticks, so you can cut it when each colour layer looks big enough. If a knot shows on the front of the design cover it over with the next layer of wool.

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