Mayan Temple

The ancient civilizations across Central and South America built impressive stone pyramids as tombs and for worshipping their gods. Put your construction skills to the test by constructing your own miniature Mayan jungle temple!

Mayan Temple

Skill Level


Time to Make

2 hours + drying time for glue and paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Glue 3 x A4 polystyrene sheets together. Spread the glue thinly and evenly. Repeat with another 3 sheets so you have 2 thicker pieces to work with. Leave the glue to dry.
  2. To make the base for the pyramid measure a square 16cm x 16cm onto one of the 3-layer polystyrene pieces then cut it out.
  3. To construct the pyramid, measure and cut more squares from the polystyrene, making each square 2cm smaller until there are 7 pieces. Glue the squares then stack them together into a pyramid. Leave to dry.
  4. To make the pyramid steps, cut 4 x strips of corrugated card 2cm x 10cm. Glue the strips onto the pyramid. Cut 8 x thin strips from a single polystyrene sheet to fit along sides of the steps, trim the ends into diagonals so they fit neatly in place.
  5. To make the top section of the pyramid, glue a polystyrene square slightly smaller than the top step to make a shallow platform.
    Cut 4 x 2cm x 1.5cm polystyrene pieces. Glue them together to make a box. Glue the box on top of the pyramid with a flat roof.
    Add thin strips of polystyrene onto the pyramid to add details or to vary the design.
  6. Paint the pyramid pale grey. Leave to dry.
    Add thin lines with a felt pen or a paintbrush to make a stone block pattern.
    Add doors at the top of the pyramid with black paint or a felt pen.

Mayan Temple Mayan Temple Mayan Temple

Top Tip

All the polystyrene squares need to be measured with straight, matching sides and 90o corners. A piece of card with right-angled corners or a set square will help to make the pieces more accurate.

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