Lolly Stick Values Game

Use colourful bundles of lolly sticks to help children learn about the concept of number values with this fun yet easy-to-create game. Each bundle of lolly sticks represents a number value (tens) and children need to select the right number of bundles to match the number on each card

Lolly Stick Values Game

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Choose your top number. This will be a three-digit number that will go on one of your cards and broken down into number values for the game. We’ve used 126.
  2. Cut out four card blanks, each the same size and colour. Using number stickers or a pen, put the top number on one piece of card. Then put the hundreds (100), the tens (20) and the ones (6) on the remaining cards.
  3. Take ten coloured lolly sticks (all the same colour) and bundle them up securely with ribbon, as shown. Repeat until you have enough tens to represent the 100 (so you’ll need ten) on the card and the 20 (two tens for twenty). Now, leave six lolly sticks loose – these will represent the ones in the number 6 on the card.
  4. Lay out the cards with the complete number at the top, followed by the hundreds card, the tens card and the ones card. Follow the learning guide below to play the game!

Top Tip

Use elastic bands instead of ribbon to make it less fiddly for younger children

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