Heraldic Wall Display

Every wealthy Medieval home would be proud to show off family heirlooms and heraldry. Create your own heraldic display with a decorated shield and swords.

Heraldic Wall Display

Skill Level

Beginner. Adult supervision needed

Time to Make

2 hours + drying time for paint + glue

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Before you start working on a full-sized shield blank, draw a simple shield outline onto A4 paper to help decide which colours and motifs to use. You could divide the shield in half, quarters or more sections, or just have a single background colour. Think about colour combinations to make the design stand out clearly.
  2. To make a shield with different background colours, divide a shield blank into sections with a pencil and ruler, keeping the design symmetrical. Brush acrylic paint onto the shield to fill in each section with a large brush. Leave to dry.
  3. To make the decorative motifs, paint a wooden castle shape and some wooden crosses. Or, cut shapes from coloured card to make a design. Glue the shapes onto the painted shield background. Stick small card pieces and flower gems to add details onto the design.
  4. To make a sword, paint a sword blank in silver acrylic then leave to dry.
  5. Place a doily onto a piece of scrap paper then dab gold or silver paint over the top using a sponge. Leave to dry.
  6. To make a 3D sword handle, cut a 7-8cm piece from a cardboard tube (eg kitchen paper tube). Cut along the side so the opens up, wrap it over a sword blank handle and tape along the edge to hold it in place.
    Press the tube to make a flatter shape then paint it brown and leave to dry.
  7. Cut 2 pieces from the edge of the painted doily to fit over the sword handle. Wrap the doilies around the curve of the handle then tape along the back to stick the ends down.
  8. Cut a 1cm strip from A4 black card, 30cm in length. Cut both ends into points then glue it along the middle of the sword. Decorate the sword hilt and handle with large self-adhesive gems.
    For a wall display with crossed swords, repeat the above steps to make another sword in the same way.
  9. Pull the 2 elastic loops together on the back of the shield then tie with string.
    Place the swords into an X shape, make 2 holes on the bottom sword where they cross over then thread with a short piece of string to make a loop. Use the loops on the shield and swords to hang onto wall fixings.
    If the swords need any extra fixing, use double sided tape at the pointed ends so they stay flat against the wall.
Heraldic Wall Display Heraldic Wall Display Heraldic Wall Display

Top Tip

For a shield divided into sections, before painting, check there’s enough space in each area for cut outs or a ready-made wooden motif.

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