Advent Glitter Candle Wreath

Bring sparkle and festive joy to your home with this wonderful advent wreath.

Skill Level


Time to Make

45 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Paint the craft wreath with green acrylic paint and leave to dry. Paint the wreath again for a more vibrant colour and leave to dry once more.
  2. Thread and tie a 15cm piece of ribbon through the hole in the wreath.
  3. Stick the less-pointy holly leaf glitter stickers around the outside of the wreath in a dark green, light green pattern.
  4. Stick the light green pointy holly leaf stickers around the inside of the wreath and leave a small gap between each leaf. Stick the dark green pointy holly leaf stickers on top of small gaps left between the light green leaves.
  5. Draw and cut out 4 red foam rectangles that measure 8cm tall and 3cm wide. Draw and cut out another rectangle the same size out of the white foam. Draw and cut out 5 yellow foam rectangles that measure 4cm tall and 2cm wide. Then draw and cut out 5 more squares from the orange foam that are 2cm x 2cm. Draw teardrop shapes onto all of the yellow and orange foam squares and cut them out.
  6. Stick the orange teardrops on top of the yellow teardrops and leave to dry. Then stick the candle flames behind the top of the red and white rectangles to make the candles.
  7. Stick 2 pointy light green holly leaves either side of the bottom of each candle. Stick 2 or 3 holly berry stickers in the middle of the light green leaves just stuck down. Stick 2 pointy light green stickers to the backs of each candle, making sure the leaves are sticking out behind the ones on the front.
  8. Peel off the backs of the stickers on the candles and arrange them evenly around the wreath. Make sure the white candle is at the bottom centre.

Top Tip

Try swapping the ribbon for the Large Self-Adhesive Magnetic Discs. Stick the discs to the back of the wreath to make a unique magnetic decoration and decorate the fridge, freezer or any number of magnetic surfaces.

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