Gift Bag

A wonderful woven bag to fill with gifts and treats.

Skill Level


Time to Make

1 hour

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Open out the bag then refold it so that the sides stick out when laid flat. Fold the bag across the width so the top edge lines up with the fold at the base.
  2. Draw a line 2.5cm down from the top edge. Cut slits 3cm wide in the folded thickness of the bag as far up as this line. Unfold the bag and rub out the pencil line. Cut some card 3cm wide and glue together to make long strips.
  3. Weave a long strip through the slits in the bag, folding it at the sides so the bag will open properly once finished. Continue weaving on the other side. Glue the strip neatly where it joins up and push it down towards the bottom of the bag.
  4. Take a different coloured strip and weave it through above the first strip so the bag becomes sturdier. Make sure you fold the strip at the sides or the bag will not open properly when you've finished.
  5. Weave the top strip next as it will be easier to weave a strip in the centre of the bag last and there will be less chance of tearing. Finish the weaving and open out the bag again.
  6. Cut some flower and leaf shapes from coloured card and curl the petals by pulling them over the blade of a pair of scissors. Glue the flowers to the front of the bag to decorate.

Top Tip

Make the slits in the bag at least 3cm apart or the bag will be too flimsy to weave easily.

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