Fishing in Space

This space-themed activity is a fun way for children to practise their numeracy skills! Play in pairs or small groups, taking turns to hook up the pieces. Adapt the numbers on the chart by making them easier or harder, depending on the age and ability of the children playing the game.

Fishing in Space

Skill Level

Beginner KS1 / KS2. Adult supervision needed.

Time to Make

30 minutes + drying time for paint

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Use a large-sized black paper plate as the background for your game or another dark colour like purple. Use a pencil to draw a curve for a planet surface across one side of the plate then fill it in with a light coloured paint. Add small dots for planets and stars onto the background with some craters on the planet surface. Paint 2 (or more) wooden craft sticks for the fishing rods. Leave to dry.
  2. Select some Solar System stickers to use for playing the game. Peel off the backing film from each piece then press the stickers onto black card. Cut around each sticker, leaving some black card around the edge so it’s an easy shape to cut out.
  3. Carefully open out some paperclips into S shapes then bend them into right angles. Tape one end of a bent paperclip onto the back of each sticker shape, so the other end sticks up to make a hook on the front.
  4. Make a chart to show the different sticker shapes and their values. As there are several variations on the Solar System theme, just include one planet to represent the various different planets, and one rocket shape to represent all the rockets.
  5. To make a fishing rod, add a small blob of glue near the end of a craft stick then wrap a 30cm piece of embroidery thread or thin wool over the top and tie the end in a knot. Bend a paperclip into an S shapes then tie them onto the other ends of the thread. Make enough fishing rods for all the players.
  6. Now you are ready to play the game! Arrange the foam pieces on the background. Take turns to hook them up. Check the value for each piece on the chart. This score can be added after each player has a turn until all the pieces have been taken. Players keep their pieces in a pile. Use a pencil and paper to record the scores as you play. If anyone drops a piece as it is being hooked up, the value is subtracted from the total.
Fishing in Space Fishing in Space Fishing in Space

Top Tip

Try using silver paint on the fishing sticks and for the stars to make them shiny, or add small sequins or sparkly gems.

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