Finger Counting Sheets

This project is a great way to get children involved in creating their own learning resources. Easy and fun to make, it’s an ideal classroom activity and makes for a very effective counting visual aid when it’s finished. It would also be a lovely family make if you’ve got children of different ages; each member of the family could create their own handprints, including mum and dad, then learn simple sums together

Finger Counting Sheets

Skill Level


Time to Make

30 minutes

Adult Supervision Needed


How to Make

  1. Ask children to choose a coloured sheet of paper from the stack and draw around each hand, placing it palm-down onto the sheet, with pen or pencil.
  2. Cut both hand shapes out and arrange on a piece of white card, so they fit easily and don’t overlap. Apply glue to the reverse of the hand shapes, on the palm only and press down in place. The fingers and thumbs should be free to pull forwards and fold over, as shown.
  3. Draw around the outline edge of the white card with a coloured Deco Pen or Felt Pen to create a border. You could add each child’s name to their hand display, or add a length of ribbon to the back, securing it in each top corner of the piece of card, on the reverse, so that it can be hung up on the wall.
  4. Use your visual aid to start counting. Children can be put in groups and use one between them, or they can be used as part of a wall display in the classroom.

Top Tip

Try creating a giant wall display by adhering all the pairs of hands onto one large sheet or roll of card and tacking it to a display wall.

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